Team Hoehn Gazelle Rally

Susanah "The Navigator" Hoehn (left) and Jo Hannah "The Driver" Hoehn (right)

What Is The Gazelle Rally?
The Toughest All-Female Sporting Event on the Planet

- Nine days driving completely off-road through Southern Morocco's most beautiful and challenging terrain.

- Teams consist of driver and navigator making their way through undiscovered regions.

- No GPS, no cell phones, no support crews, ONLY outdated maps for dead reckoning navigation, a compass, ruler and the power of teamwork.

- There is no set racecourse. You choose your own path, trying to reach checkpoints in the most direct route possible.


300+ women from 20+ countries blazing trails through the Sahara

Royalty, celebrities, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and adventurers

King Mohammed VI lends the Coat of Arms every year for competitor vests showing his support to the progressive women's initiatives he has championed in Morocco.

Above: Team Hoehn training in the California desert in the "Go Anywhere" Vehicle: Range Rover.


Land Rover is providing a 2014 Range Rover Sport for Team Hoehn. It is the same car that set the record racing up Pike's Peak.

prAna is providing clothing that is comfortable enough to wear 14 hours a day driving, athletic enough to provide mobility to run up sand dunes, and durable enough to dig a car out of a rut.

Max Trax is providing sand ladders to place under the wheels, providing traction when stuck in sand.

Morton and Hudson is providing beautiful handbags. The simplicity, sophistication, and quality make these handbags the perfect accessories in which to carry a compass and Breton plotter when out in the field or lipstick and powder to the black tie event at the end of the rally in Essaouira.


Women become stronger, more confident, better communicators, more self-reliant yet able to work more effectively as a team.

Because the rally is dedicated to making the world a better place through strengthening the competitors, making the countryside better than when they arrived and serving as a role model to events worldwide.